Science Policy Exchange Cohort 1

At the end of 2016, Sir Peter Gluckman and his office launched a new initiative – the Science Policy Exchange (SPE). The SPE is a new forum for emerging and early stage scientists and policy professionals who are interested in better understanding the nexus between public policy and science so as to engage on real public policy questions.

Following a highly competitive application process two cohorts were established – one in Auckland and one in Wellington. The program provide mentorship, network building and the opportunity for participants to employ their expertise and science policy brokerage skills in real domains at the science-policy nexus.

Members of the inaugural SPE are:


  • Dr Imogen Bassett – Environmental Advisory Manager / Biosecurity Advisor
  • Dr Mikael Boulic – Built Environment and Public Health
  • Dr Clare Brown – Animal Behaviour
  • Mr Andrew Chen – PhD Candidate, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Dr Elinor Chisholm – Public Health
  • Mr Guy Collier – PhD Candidate, Ethics and Medical Science
  • Miss Rachel Cooper – Environmental Science and Human Geography
  • Dr Laura Domigan – Biological Science
  • Ms Pania Elliot – Senior Policy Advisor (Equity)
  • Dr Patrick Garvey – Invasive predators and conservation
  • Dr Eleanor Gee – Hydroecology
  • Dr Lucy Goodman – Neuroscience and Science Communication
  • Dr Jason Gurney – Epidemiology
  • Dr Katie Hartnup – Research Management and Molecular Anthropology
  • Mr Ryan Kurte – PhD Candidate, Information Security
  • Dr Claudia Lang – Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology
  • Dr Bridgette Masters-Awatere – Indigenous Evaluation Research
  • Dr Frauke Meyer – Educational Leadership
  • Dr Sarah Morgan – STEM Manager
  • Mr Nathan Musoke – PhD Candidate, Cosmology
  • Dr Jerome Ng – Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety
  • Dr Eziaku Rasheed – Architecture and Design
  • Dr Dharani Sontam – Information Technology
  • Mr Benjamin Tan – PhD Candidate, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Dr El-Shadan (Dan) Tautolo – Pacific Health and Development
  • Dr Katey Thom – Medical and Health Sciences
  • Miss Cherie Tollemarche – PhD Candidate, Chemical Sciences
  • Dr Jaimie Veale – Transgender health
  • Ms Leilani Walker – PhD Candidate, Behavioural ecology


  • Mr Jacob Anderson – PhD Candidate, Antarctic climate and ice sheet behaviour
  • Dr Erik Behrens – Ocean Modelling
  • Dr Louise Bicknell – Genetic and Molecular Medicine
  • Dr Annette Bolton – Environmental Science
  • Dr Kate Calcott – Science and Skills Policy
  • Ms Olivia Chamberlain – Environmental Policy Analyst
  • Dr Guy Dubuis – Physics and Superconductivity
  • Dr Trudy Geoghegan – Hazardous Substances Reassessments
  • Mr Luke Harrington – Climate Change Research
  • Dr Faraz Hasan – Telecommunication and Network Engineering
  • Dr Simon Hills – Evolutionary biology
  • Ms Sarah Honeybone – Science Policy Advisor
  • Dr Gabrielle Jenkin – Suicide and Mental Health research
  • Mr John Kerr – Psychology
  • Dr Rebecca Kiddle – Environmental Studies
  • Ms Tamzin Linnell – Monitoring and Governance
  • Ms Lauren Long – Environmental Sustainability
  • Dr Bart Ludbrook – Physics
  • Dr Graeme Mackenzie – Environmental Policy Analysis
  • Dr Adam Martin – Geology
  • Dr Ignatius Menzies – Data Science
  • Dr David Pomeroy – Education and Education Policy
  • Dr Kirsten Rodgers – Marine Policy
  • Ms Alice Ryan – Primary Industries Policy Analyst
  • Ms Charlotte Wood – Environmental Policy Analyst

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