Peer review in research funding decisions

Peer review

Release of a discussion paper on peer review in research funding decisions

Friday, 14 December 2012

Peer review is a key part of the scientific endeavour, determining which science is funded and which science is published. Decisions on the researchers and the research projects to be supported determine careers and the outputs of the publicly funded science system. But there is good evidence to suggest that peer review processes are high in burden and less than ideal in outcome: no perfect system exists. In writing Which science to fund: time to review peer review? (PDF, 403 kb), it is not my intent to suggest any particular solution but I do think that it is timely to have a more objective look at the process of funding decisions as this is the most important element in matching our research community to the changing shape of our innovation system. When all is said and done, funding decisions affect what science will contribute to our world.


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