2011 Archive – Speeches & media releases

December 2011

5 December 2011Sir Peter Gluckman's speech at Auckland Conversations (156 kb)

August 2011

17 August 2011Sir Peter Gluckman speech at the Centre for Longitudinal Research, The University of Auckland (171 kb)

July 2011

27 July 2011Sir Peter Gluckman's speech notes (99 kb) at the launch of the Green Paper for Vulnerable Children (From msd.govt.nz; 608 kb)
22 July 2011Sir Peter Gluckman speech at Otago winter lecture series,Christchurch (198 kb)
20 July 2011Sir Peter Gluckman speech to the New Zealand Agricultural and Horticultural Outlook Summit, Wellington (142 kb)

June 2011

26 June 2011Dr Stephen Goldson’s speech at the MFAT Foreign Policy School, University of Otago (221 kb)
22 June 2011Sir Peter Gluckman speech to the Centre for Educational Leadership at the University of Auckland (198 kb)
1 June 2011Sir Peter Gluckman’s address to the Institute of Public Administration New Zealand/Institute of Policy Studies (262 kb)

May 2011

5 May 2011Speech by Dr Stephen Goldson, Strategy Advisor to the Office, at the MAF Policy, Science and Economics conference (163 kb)

April 2011

26 April 2011Sir Peter Gluckman’s speech to the Global Science Leaders Forum, Taipei (84 kb)
11 April 2011Media release: Advancing New Zealand through better use of evidence in policy formation (91 kb)

March 2011

31 March 2011Media release: The launch of Looking Ahead: Science Education for the Twenty-First Century (100 kb)
21 March 2011Dr Stephen Goldson’s opening plenary at the 7th Annual NZBIO Conference (244 kb)
16 March 2011Sir Peter Gluckman’s introductory statement at a joint PMCSA & RSNZ press conference about the Christchurch earthquakes and the scientific response (89.8 kb)
16 March 2011Media release: Earthquake information paper looks at earthquake prediction and future earthquake risks for Christchurch and New Zealand (97 kb)

February 2011

22 February 2011Sir Peter Gluckman’s speech at at the 1st Annual Meeting of the New Zealand Greenhouse Gas Research Centre, Palmerston North (115 kb)
22 February 2011Media release: Science "globalization" is the future (100 kb)
21 February 2011Media release: Scientists and the media must work together to engage the public with the complexities
of science
(88 kb)
21 February 2011Sir Peter Gluckman’s speech at the Science Communicator’s Association of New Zealand conference (127 kb)

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