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SPE Case Study – Synthetic Meat


This is the group discussion board for sharing ideas, development and resources relating to the SYNTHETIC MEAT Case Study. Feel free to ask questions, suggest directions and list valuable resources that relate to the topic.

This discussion group is not limited to the group working on the case study. Everyone is welcome to offer ideas or suggestions or to join the discussion if they wish.

Before starting everyone should make sure they are familiar with the role of a science advisor:
Science Policy Exchange information:

2 Responses to SPE Case Study – Synthetic Meat

  1. Annette Bolton says:

    How does the synthetic meat group feel about starting a dropbox folder to drop in references etc?

  2. grantmills says:

    Hey all,

    A few additional background references and thoughts to get the debate going:

    – Prof Ralph Sims (Massey) on Synthetic Meat in NZ –
    – Interview with synthetic meat researcher in RadioNZ –

    This is a pretty expansive topic so you might have to prioritise the angles that you address. What are the primary issues? And what are some of the more peripheral issues that might end up playing a large part in how the issue plays out?

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