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SPE Case Study – Prison Reform


This is the group discussion board for sharing ideas, development and resources relating to the PRISON REFORM Case Study. Feel free to ask questions, suggest directions and list valuable resources that relate to the topic.

This discussion group is not limited to the group working on the case study. Everyone is welcome to offer ideas or suggestions or to join the discussion if they wish.

Before starting everyone should make sure they are familiar with the role of a science advisor:
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3 Responses to SPE Case Study – Prison Reform

  1. grantmills says:

    Hey Prisoners,

    Thought I’d throw out a couple of other links that might offer some insight to the background of the issue:

    • Rise in re-offending rates 2016 article:
    • Maori rates:
    • Reducing Reoffending (RR25%):
    • Lowering recidivism rates by teaching offenders to code:

    There are numerous ways to tackle this topic so some things you might like to think about:

    – What are the reasons for the high incarceration and recidivism rates? Social, behavioural, historical, or systemic?
    – Where does resistance to reform exist?
    – What are the public’s expectations of prisons? Has this been investigated? How much should public expectation play into decision-making?

  2. Trudy says:


    I was wondering if those of you in Wellington would like to meet for a bit of meet and greet. Maybe a coffee and chat or we could go more formal and do some planning about the project.I think we are all in Wellington but if I’m wrong please let me know.

    Looking forward to meeting you

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